Sunday, February 5, 2012

imperialism - 1. hotel grande

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sabine was next. she came up and quickly snatched a paper from the white hat. "left-wing." she looked at miss prue. "so i write the most "left-wing" thing i can think of, and i don't get in trouble?"

"the terms of the contest are that you indeed write the most "left-wing" thing you can think of. "

"this is weird," said laurene. "i thought we would pick something like the seven deadly sins or something. like something you'd do in dance class."

miss prue ignored this. "pick your author," she told sabine.

"oh yeah." sabine took a paper from the black hat. "graham greene. whatever"


by sabine sablon

illustrated by roy dismas , konrad kraus and rhoda penmarq

2. the pomegranate agent

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