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appendix a: the official rules

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a. contest rules and judging

1. novel is to be 133,225 (365 x 365) words long. no credit will be given for reaching count. points will be deducted for going below or above count.

1-a. all words including articles and abbreviated words will be counted. hyphenated words will count as one word. numbers, such as"6" or "6,888,999" will be counted as one word.

1-b. manuscript may be in any language. judges may be presumed to be conversant in english, french, spanish and german. english or french are advised.

2. judgment will be weighted 40% for faithfulness to designated theme.

3. 25% for faithfulness to designated author style.

4. 35% for overall literary quality (as determined by judges).

5. research materials will be provided (see more detail below) including samples of designated authors work. however, severe demerits will be assessed for outright copying or plagiarism.

6. manuscript to be submitted at end of contest. there are no other rules as to timetable.

7. there will be no preliminary judging or grading.

8. manuscripts may be submitted either hand written, typed, or some combination of handwritten and typed (see below).

9-a. no points will be added or subtracted for spelling, grammar or punctuation except as the judges might find these relevant to literary quality (see above).

9-b. no points will be added or subtracted for any drawings or artwork.

b. writing materials

1. paper, pens and pencils are provided. further supplies of these items may be requested through staff.

2. each room is equipped with a manual typewriter. these are not guaranteed to be repaired or replaced if broken or otherwise rendered inoperable.

c. research materials

1. each contestant will find standard reference materials - encyclopedia's, etc - in personal room, along with samples of designated author works.

2. a library is adjacent to dining room. it may be visited during breakfast and dinner hours and books checked out. staff will always be present. collusion rules will be enforced, as at meals. it will remain open between breakfast and dinner hours and contestants may request books at that time through personal and guard staff.

d. food and exercise

1. breakfast in dining room is at seven to eight thirty a m. dinner from six to eight p m. contestants will be accompanied to and from dining area by guards.

1-a. conversation is allowed, but no collusion or discussion of contest. staff will be present to enforce this. first violation of collusion/discussion rules will result in a warning. further violations will result in confinement to rooms - duration to be determined by administration. repeated violations will result in permanent confinement.

2. attendance at meals is not compulsory. those choosing to not attend may request meals to be delivered to rooms. (they will not be delivered automatically).

2-a. those confined to rooms may request meals to be delivered to rooms. (they will not be delivered automatically).

3. food and drink may be requested at any time through staff. note "requested". compliance with requests is at discretion and convenience of staff.

4. contestants may request to walk outdoors during daylight hours, always accompanied by at least one guard. staff will use their discretion in granting requests, and in duration of walks. only one contestant may be outside at any one time. this rule to be very strictly enforced.

5. contestants confined to rooms during meal times may request to go outdoors, subject to conditions of rule 4 above.

e. staff

1. each contestant's room will have at least one, usually two, guards at all times.

2. each contestant is provided with a personal maid, whose services they may use at their discretion. contestants may dispense with the maid's services if they choose. if they do, they may also request a replacement. note that any replacement requests will not be considered a priority by administration.

3. contestants are not prohibited from conversation with guards or maids. they may discuss the contest, and even request advice or input regarding the contest. note that staff were not retained on the basis of any presumed expertise on matters relating to the contest.

f. medical

1. medical attention may be requested through staff to administration.

2. requests for regular medications should have been made prior to arrival. further requests may be made through staff.

3. it is hoped that no contestants have arrived in a state of pregnancy. such a situation would be regarded with extreme annoyance by administration.

g. general

1. no contestants will be disqualified, or allowed to leave contest, except by decease.

1-a. in the event of contestant(s) becoming deceased, the final order of finish in the contest will be adjusted by eliminating second place, third place, etc through thirteenth place, then first place. please ask to consult administration if you are not clear on this.

2. repeated or willful violations of rules will be dealt with severely.

2-a. any attempt to contact persons outside the contest area will be regarded as a most severe breach of rules.

3. administration and staff will determine enforcement of rules.

4. there is no appeals process.

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